G Andrews & Son Funeral Directors Portsmouth

Paying In Advance

Our business is a provider of the “Co-operative Funeral Bond”

This is an Inflation Proof, Pre-Paid Funeral Plan that enables one to arrange and pay for their own funeral in advance of need. The Funeral Bond is designed to enable anyone over the age of 18 years to tailor their own funeral requirements, thus relieving those they leave behind of any doubts as to their wishes. By paying in advance, at today’s prices, this will also relieve a great deal of worry regarding the payment of the funeral.

Once paid for, there will be no additional costs regardless of when the funeral takes place. All monies received are invested in individual whole of life insurance policies between the Funeral Director and Co-operative Insurance Society Limited (CIS). Regardless of whatever happens to us in the future, your money is safe and guaranteed.

Many funeral directors offer this type of scheme; however the terms and conditions of such schemes can vary greatly. Careful examination is therefore required when choosing.

The main areas of difference are:-

  • Type of arrangement – can you arrange the funeral you require or must you select a package close to this?
  • The guarantee of cost – does the plan include all your requirements, leaving nothing further to pay? – some plans may require an additional payment should certain fees exceed a stipulated figure. One such scheme to address all these points is the “Co-operative Funeral Bond” operated.